School's Out Cook Out Event

July 9th @ Heritage Hill in Murrieta

Restoring Parental Rights

Our goal is to engage our local community and support conservative candidates who will stand for parental rights.

The Inland Empire Family PAC unofficially began in 2017 when parents got a copy of a Comprehensive sex education curriculum that was taught in a Temecula Valley classroom. This bold indoctrination forced many into action and several traveled up and down the state telling others about what they saw. Much has changed since then and the threats have increased. Critical Race Theory, state mandates and the sexualization of our children are now national issues. The Inland Empire Family PAC was created to ensure parents are the final decision maker in the education of their children, not the Government.

Are You Willing to Take a Stand for Children?

The Inland Empire Family PAC works to stop the indoctrination of our children by placing candidates on school boards who will fight for Christian and Conservative values.

Taking Back the School Boards is Critical!

The Problem in Schools

  • Parents are Labeled as Barriers
  • Growing Indoctrination
  • Critical Race Theory
  • State Mandates
  • Transgenderism Encouraged
  • Forced LGBTQ+ Acceptance
  • Perverted Sexual Training

Our Solution

  • Restore Parental Rights
  • Identify weak board members
  • Apply community pressure
  • Support strong board candidates
  • Guide candidate campaigns
  • Take back school boards

“I am positive that together we can restore parental rights in our schools and be a force for truth and transparency in education. I truly believe the conservative voice will become the dominating force in California politics.” – Pastor Tim Thompson