Taking Back the School Boards is Critical!

The Problem in Schools

  • Parents are Labeled as Barriers
  • Growing Indoctrination
  • Critical Race Theory
  • State Mandates
  • Transgenderism Encouraged
  • Forced LGBTQ+ Acceptance
  • Perverted Sexual Training

Our Solution

  • Restore Parental Rights
  • Identify weak board members
  • Apply community pressure
  • Support strong board candidates
  • Guide candidate campaigns
  • Take back school boards

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Public schools across the nation have become a place of indoctrination into a woke ideology. The Inland Empire Family PAC intends to get them back to an environment of scholastic excellence.  Conservative school board members who hold to a Judeo-Christian set of principles is this nation’s ticket back to American academic superiority on the world scene. To accomplish this, the Inland Empire Family PAC concentrates on three main goals:

1 – Raise funds to assist vetted candidates in their campaign
2 – Hold training classes for their campaign staff and volunteers
3 – Strategize local media outreach

We aim to amplify conservative voices and empower a silent majority to grow louder!